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I watch to see how pages are loaded on my site so I can make the popular pages better. I also show ads on a few of my pages to help pay for the server you're accessing. Google helps me do this. Details below.

The web sites use Google Analytics, and show ads using Google's AdSense program, like millions of other website owners.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a piece of software authored by Google Inc. that collects data about this site's visitors (folks like you), much like a detailed server log.

What does Google Analytics record?

  • What website you came from to get here.
  • How long you stay for.
  • What kind of computer you're using.
  • And quite a bit more.

What does Google Analytics store in your browser?

Google Analytics uses cookies to track visitor interactions on the web properties. These cookies are small bits of information stored in your browser that help Google Analytics determine if you've been to the site before and what site brought you to the web site. I will never share these cookies with anyone other than Google and properties.

What I do with your data.

The information collected by Google Analytics helps me understand what types of people visit the site and what their browser capabilities are. This helps me customize the site for my visitors and spend more time on the more popular content.

I also use Google Analytics to track where visitors come from; this lets me know who is linking to my web properties and give thanks where it is due. I also often use this information to make sure other sites who point to my stuff are appropriately representing my work.

Occasionally, I might release aggregate analytics statistics about my visitors, but this released information will NEVER contain personal information such as IP address or individuals' browser profiles.

All of my activity falls within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

How to Opt Out.

If you'd rather not be measured by Google Analytics, you can opt out by using a browser plug-in to disable the software. Other add-ons such as Ghostery will also help you detect the use of Google Analytics on sites and disable them.

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